Small Animal Services

Preventative Health Care

We enjoy seeing our patients on an annual basis for physical examinations. This helps us to offer weight, mobility and nutrition consultation, as well as parasite control recommendations. We can discuss any concerns that pet owners might have regarding their pet. Our vaccination protocol can be tailored to your pet’s individual needs.

Medical Health Care

Our team is trained to evaluate and treat your pet for all types of medical conditions, as they arise. We offer in-clinic diagnostics (radiographs, labwork, and ultra sound to name a few), in-clinic patient care, out patient care or referral on a case-by-case basis. We will work with you, keeping you up to date on your pet’s status, to meet the best possible outcomes.


We offer a full range of routine, elective and emergency surgery services in our modern surgery facility. Our technicians are trained in patient monitoring to keep your pets safe while they undergo their procedure. A typical day for our surgeons might include spay, neuter, lump removal, bladder or gastrointestinal surgery, gastropexy, wound repair or porcupine quill removal.

If we cannot perform the surgery, we will offer to refer your pet to board certified veterinary surgeons.

Please note, we are proud to announce that we no longer offer elective feline declaw surgery. We have a staff of trained technicians ready to help you learn to trim your cat’s nails, encourage appropriate scratching behaviour and/or apply protective tips to your cat’s nails, to prevent damage to furniture.


We offer a range of density services, including ultrasonic cleaning and polishing of healthy teeth; identification and removal of diseased or broken teeth; and removal and testing of oral lumps. Our digital dental radiographs allow us to see under the gum line and identify problem teeth before they cause pain to your pet.


We have digital full body and dental radiographs, to identify a wide variety of medical conditions. Our veterinarians are trained to assess radiographs in-house.


Our ultrasound is used to help work up medical and emergency cases, examine bladders for crystals, stones or masses, and of course ultrasound for pregnancies! For full ultrasound, we offer the services of a trained veterinary ultrasonographer who travels to the clinic specifically for each cases.


Our clinic lab is equipped with blood and urine analyzers to accurately and quickly assess patient health. We use this prior to routine surgery, during work up for medical cases and in emergency situations. Our technicians are trained in a variety of laboratory skills. When needed, we send samples to an external laboratory for more complete diagnostics.

Nutrition Consultation

Corn, grain, raw, natural, puppy vs all stages- which is best for your pet?! There are so many choices and decisions regarding choosing a diet for your pet! All our veterinarians are trained in small animal nutrition and are happy to discuss your concerns or questions. We carry Royal Canin and Hill’s diets primarily, but are able to order most any diet for you.


We carry a full pharmacy of veterinary-specific medications, to save you a stop elsewhere. It is appreciated if you can request prescription refills 24-48 hours ahead of time, as this allows us to be thorough and accurate.

Quiet Room

We have a special comfortable room for pet parents to visit with hospitalized patients in peace from the rest of the clinic hustle and bustle. The Quiet room also serves as a room for families as a room for families to gather for their goodbyes with beloved pets. The room has a external exit for full privacy.

Home Euthanasias

Unfortunately due to the risks posed by home visits during the COVID pandemic, we have suspended Home Euthanasia services. We are still able to offer the use of our Quiet Room, where up to 2 family members are able come inside and be with pets. Masks are required and safety precautions are taken to ensure everyone is safe and healthy

Emergency Services

Our veterinarians provide after hours emergency services for existing clients. This may include advice over the phone or visits to the clinic. To reach the veterinarian on call, simply call our regular phone line (519-353-4000) and you will be connected to our Answering Service. They will collect your information and concerns and deliver it to the veterinarian on call, who will contact you as soon as possible. Some of our veterinarians provide after hours services for small and farm animals, which occasionally involves triaging multiple calls if it is a busy night.

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