Large Animal Services

Bovine, Sheep, Goats, Camelids

Herd health

We offer a comprehensive herd health program for dairy and beef cattle, sheep and goats. It includes pregnancy diagnosis with ultrasound, dehorning as needed, disease consultation, vaccine and parasite control protocols, milk culture and somatic cell testing, milk antibiotic residue testing and access to a full external laboratory. We also work with various agencies for testing (Maedi-Visna, Johne’s etc) of herds/flocks.


Drs Tammi, Jenny, and Tori are trained ProAction advisors for dairy clients. They are available for advice, prescriptions, SOPs, RAMP and training sessions for you and your farm staff.


We do our large animal surgeries on the farms, including Ceasarians, displaced abomasum, hernias, castrations and wound repairs.

In Clinic Calf Treatments

We have treatment pens to give calves intravenous fluid and medical therapy to help them recover from dehydration due to scours.

Post Mortem Examinations

We can perform on farm or in-clinic (for smaller animals) post mortem exams to determine cause of death. We will then offer advice/treatment options for the herd and submit insurance reports.

Emergency Services

We are available to treat calvings/lambings/kiddings, vaginal or uterine prolapses, bloat, wounds, waterbelly or any illness as it arises.


Preventative Care

We offer annual physical exams, vaccination and parasite protocols, and PowerFloat dental services for your equine partners.


We perform castrations under field anesthesia with the patient recumbent. We can repair most wounds and can remove small lumps (or refer as indicated).

Emergency Services

We are available for wound repair, colic assessment and treatment (or referral as indicated), and emergency cases.

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