We are saddened to announce that Tara Veterinary Services will be closing its doors.

Our last day will be August 31, 2021.

We appreciate all of the support we have received in the past from the residents and animals of Tara area over the past 19 years. It has truly been our honour to serve you.

Unfortunately we are facing a short fall in our veterinary staffing and are not able to offer consistent veterinary care from our Tara clinic. The decision to close the clinic was made only after it became clear that we could not continue to operate both Tara Veterinary Services and Paisley Veterinary Services with our current veterinary situation.

Current clients of TVS will be welcomed as clients at Paisley Veterinary Services. Medical records will automatically be transferred to PVS at the closing of TVS. Alternatively, records can be transferred to another clinic should the client request.

Tara Veterinary Services will fullfill our already scheduled appointments, but is no longer accepting new clients. If your pet is due for their annual check up or requires medical attention, please contact Paisley Veterinary Services to schedule an appointment. If your pet requires a prescription refill or a new bag of food, until August 31 please contact Tara Veterinary Services.

Please note, the clinic is now closed on Wednesdays and will also be closed for the week of August 16-20.

Jenny and Tori

Tara Veterinary Services

Our Hours

M, T, Th, & F
9:00 AM - 5:00PM
Vacation August 16-20
Permanently Closing
August 31, 2021

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